Ready to Read and Write More


Ready to write

For years now, I’ve been meaning to develop a site that showcases my love of writing, reading, and editing.

That quest started in 2013 when I edited manuscripts for select established and first-time authors.

Reviewing books on a short-lived blog also field my desire to do more and a little different. I just couldn’t pinpoint what.

Finally, I realized that I could be a better editor and blogger if I were a better creative writer.

I achieved that by enrolling in Spalding University’s MFA program, which gave me much needed accountability and deadlines to produce original content.

That same program required me to read 8-10 books each semester. That proved to be no big deal. I love to read.

Somehow, I stopped writing for a bit after I graduated, focusing instead on teaching college students how to compose research papers and develop rhetorical analyses.

Now that my summer break has officially begun, however, I am back to prioritizing my original plan.

Coming soon: blogs and podcasts that serve as reviews and insight into new works.

I’m excited! Hope you are too.

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