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About Me


I earned my MFA from Spalding University in Louisville, KY, my home state, which helped me obtain my teaching position at a Georgia university, located just north of Atlanta. My full-time course load includes several English Composition classes that emphasize research techniques and professional development. Since I want my students to thrive in the real world, I give them guidance on best practices for resumes and cover letters. Writers read, so I also love instructing my World Literature survey class, too.

As a writer, my fiction credentials include a second place finish in a short story contest sponsored by the Atlanta Writers Club, of which I am now a Board member; a flash fiction piece that appeared in an anthology; and an honorable mention in the national 2015 Soul-Making Keats Literary humor contest. A former journalist, I have worked for CNN.com, Essence, and The Weather Channel, among others. My earning a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University helped me enter and maintain various positions in that industry for more than two decades.

My goal is to publish book-length works in both nonfiction and fiction genres.

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