Season 3/ Episode 1: Are Your Expectations for 2021 Realistic?

In All Seriousness

Control Yourself, Be Compassionate to Others

In this week’s podcast episode, Jill and Tony discussed their expectations for 2021. You be the judge about whether theirs are realistic.

Jill expects to focus her time and efforts on the things she can control. That translates into her own actions and decisions.

Tony expects people to have more compassion and empathy.

Tell Us What You Think

What are your expectations for 2021? We’d love to hear from you. Please leave your answer either in the Comments section or as a voicemail when you call 404-594-2247.


Season 2/ Episode 52: The Lessons that 2020 Taught Us

In All Seriousness

Look at Yourself

In this week’s podcast episode, Tony and Jill reflected on the biggest lessons they learned about themselves.

Tony joked that he didn’t learn a darn thing. Meanwhile, a big change for Jill was learning to be content with the present, the now.

Both agreed that self-reflection is important to do. After all, we all want to be best versions of ourselves, right?

We Want to Hear from You

What is the biggest lesson you learned about yourself and others this year? Tell us your answer either in the Comments section below or by calling us at 404-594-2247 and leaving us a voicemail. We’d love to know more about you, our listeners.

Thanks to you, our podcast is now two years old! We appreciate your support.

Season 2/Episode 12: How to Maintain Strong Relationships During a Pandemic

In All Seriousness

Strengthen Bonds, Set Boundaries

In this week’s episode, Jill and Tony told listeners to set boundaries to maintain relationships during this era of Coronavirus restrictions.

Jill also encouraged listeners to create new memories with loved ones.

Tony told listeners to try to be happy with themselves. That way, you don’t have to depend on someone else for attention or activities at home.

They have other suggestions:

  • Take this time to finally do that task you said you would do if you had more time
  • If your loved one is somewhere else, utilize video conferencing tools to maintain seeing and talking to them
  • Do something different

What are you doing to maintain your relationships during Coronavirus restrictions? Let us know in the comments section.

Be safe. Be healthy. Be calm.





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