Episode 11: Signs That Your Partner Knows you Better Than you Know Yourself

Producer: Jill Cox-Cordova
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In All Seriousness

Embrace Your Partner’s Encouragement

During our podcast, Tony advised you to cherish when your partner says she/better knows than you know yourself because they are often just trying to encourage you.

Per usual, he has other tips for you:

  • Try to remember that your partner might be able to see something in you, that you can’t see. It could be something positive, or it might be something negative. Try not to become angry, if they have something negative to point out about you.
  • If you have to let your partner know about something that they say or do that is negative, be sure to point out something positive about them first. It will go a long way in ensuring that you have a happy and loving relationship.
  • Be sure you tell your partner the things you love about them, as often as possible. Both women and men love to hear that they are loved and appreciated.  

Meanwhile, during the podcast, Jill said you should try to see your partner’s talents and then support those abilities. Uplift each other because you’re better together.

She also has more advice:

  • Just as you should strive to see each other, also know, as Maya Angelou once said, that when a person shows who he/she really is, believe him/her.
  • Be willing to help your partner and also be helped.
  • Express gratitude daily that you are glad your partner is in your life.

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