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Episode 12: When Your Partner Tunes you Out

Producer: Jill Cox-Cordova
Tech Op/Editor: Anthony Cordova
Music: Gifford Ivan Cordova III
Podcast Art: Nick Zinkie

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In All Seriousness

Are you Listening?

During our podcast, Tony advised you to listen to your partner. You may learn something important.

He has other tips, too:

  • Do not just think of yourself. Listen to your partner. He or she may say something that will help both of you grow.
  • Listen, even when it’s something you don’t want to hear. This will help you understand who your partner really is. You might learn something about yourself, too.
  • If you find that you and your partner can never find the time to talk to each other, that could be a sign of a bigger problem. It might be time to seek professional help.

During the podcast, Jill also suggested that you try to focus or have scheduled time to talk and really hear each other.

She has other advice as well:

  • Repeat back what you think your partner said to you. This allows both of you the chance to see and get on the same page.
  • Consider having dates in which you just sit, talk, and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Listen. There’s a difference between hearing somebody and listening. Listen.

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4 comments on “Episode 12: When Your Partner Tunes you Out

  1. coyote6859 says:

    sometimes “tuning out” is a better option than getting into a difficult discussion or an escalation into argument. i wish you could elaborate on how the creative mind and “living in ones own little world” can affect a relationship or a discussion. and you never know: hey one day you may write about someone building that boat and you will then have wanted to know all of those details…please stop hammering on Mr Tony.

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:

      Tony says thanks for being in his corner, and he’s deemed you his #1 fan. Jill, on the other hand, believes that if someone tunes you out all the time, that could lead to a bigger argument than if that person had just acknowledged you, even for a little while. The creative mind episode is coming up, a few episodes from now, so thanks for that idea. Thanks for listening and commenting. We always appreciate it.

  2. Mary Ellen Vogel says:

    Wow—Denis and I just had the best conversation about our listening habits and responses to each other’s conversations. It seems we must to learn to understand how our partners process information and how they respond to information. We must also voice our problems with a spouse’s seemingly lack of interest to find out whether it’s a bad time, the way he or she processes or—gaawd forbid—lack of interest.
    I can never can make a clear determination about whether Jill or Tony is right. It seems it always goes back to how Denis and I have dealt–or not dealt—with these issues.

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:

      Thanks for your comment. It’s great to hear how other couples process things, especially from people like you who have been married a long time. We both admire you and your relationship, and we are happy that you can relate to our topics. Jill thinks your comments typically indicate that she is right, by the way. Tony, of course, disagrees. Lol!

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