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Episode 46: Dating Friends: A Good Idea?

Producer: Jill Cox-Cordova
Tech Op/Editor: Anthony Cordova
Music: Gifford Ivan Cordova III
Podcast Art: Nick Zinkie
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In All Seriousness

Friends and Lovers

In this week’s episode, Jill and Tony discussed the pros and cons of dating someone who was just a friend first.

Tony told listeners to take their time to figure out who your love interest truly is. Figure out what or if they are hiding anything.

Meanwhile Jill encouraged listeners to be honest with themselves and their friends. If you find yourself falling for your friend, let them know.

They both have more advice:

  • Assess whether you just love your friend or whether you’re in love. There’s a difference
  • Understand that your friendship will change–for the better or worse–once you become a couple. Rarely can one go back to the way it was, but sometimes you were meant to be together, so don’t let that stop you from trying
  • Listen to your heart

Have you ever dated someone who was just a friend? Did it work out for you? Leave your answers in the comments section. Don’t forget to subscribe, so that you don’t miss any episodes.

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