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Season 2/Episode 3: Jill and Tony, The Relationship Whisperers

Producer: Jill Cox-Cordova 

Tech Op/Editor: Tony Cordova

Music: Gifford Ivan Cordova III

Art:  Nick Zinkie

In All Seriousness

Who is Right or Wrong for You?

In this week’s episode, Jill and Tony reveal they are relationship whisperers. That means they instinctively know if someone is a good partner or a good fit for you. So far, in the 15 years they have been together, Jill and Tony have been 100 percent correct when friends and family members have introduced someone they are interested in to them.

Are you able to do that for yourself or for someone in your life, too?

Jill told listeners that sometimes they have to go with their gut instincts. If someone tells you your love interest is perfect for you, but you have this nagging feeling that they are not, you are the one who is right in that situation.

Tony encouraged listeners to become happy with themselves first, then it will be easier to decide who is right for you.

They have other tips:

  • Be open to trusted input because you may be too close to the situation to truly see what everyone else sees in your partner
  •  Don’t dismiss red flags, unless they are flaws you can tolerate
  •  If someone doesn’t seem right for you, don’t try to change them. Move on

What traits do you try to notice in a person to assess whether they are a good fit for you? Leave your responses in the comments section.

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