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Season 2/Episode 9: When Your Feelings Aren’t Reciprocated

In All Seriousness

Walk on By

In this week’s episode, Jill and Tony discuss how to handle when your love interest just isn’t that in to you.

If you guessed that they told listeners to run, you’re somewhat right. They agreed that early relationships often include one person liking the other a little more. In that case, it’s fine.

Jill encouraged listeners to train people to treat them the way they want to be treated.

Tony told listeners to respect themselves. When that happens, there is an intolerance for anything less.

They have other suggestions, of course:

  •  Give people a chance to get to know the real you
  •  Don’t force anything. Allow the relationship to develop organically
  •  Love yourself first

If you’ve ever been in a situation in which the level of interest was unbalanced, how did you handle it? Please leave your responses in the comments section.

We’d also love to hear what you’re doing differently this year. Let us know.



2 comments on “Season 2/Episode 9: When Your Feelings Aren’t Reciprocated

  1. When I was young I didn’t love or respect myself to always act in my own best interest. I never chose someone to date—I was always chosen. Consequently I ended up with the wrong person more than once. Sometimes I couldn’t end it with those persons because they were tenacious and would wear me down. Of course all that is behind me because—of course—I’m married to Denis. (Yay) However, I wish knew then what I know now and that is if someone doesn’t like you, find someone who does. Today, for me, this is about platonic relationships. I believe I’ve seen your advice—give people a chance to get know the real you and do not to force anything—work for me. But now I respect myself enough to know that when things don’t change, it’s time to walk. There are many potential friends in the world.

    Feel better soon, Jill.

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:

      Mary, thanks for your comment. In many ways, Jill was just like you were : chosen and sometimes unable to end things. We like to think that we also get wiser as we age. Growth is real. Thanks for the well wishes for Jill. She’s already feeling better.

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