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Season 2/Episode 10: Do as I Do

In All Seriousness

Compromising May be the Answer

In this week’s episode, Tony used an entire episode to try to convince Jill to get up earlier each day.

She put up a good fight, but in the end, she told Tony and listeners that she would try it for 21 days, the length it takes to form a habit. After that, she told Tony that he cannot say anything more to her about it.

And he agreed.

Jill and Tony have more suggestions about what to do when your partner says, “Do as I do.”

You can probably guess who gave which tip:

  •  Don’t view your partner’s suggestion to emulate them as an order
  •  Consider whether their suggestion is something that will help you
  •  If you say no, be truthful, but polite, about the reason why

Has your partner ever told you to try something different that they are already doing? How did you respond? Let us know in the comments section.

Keep telling us what you’re doing differently this year. We love hearing from you.

2 comments on “Season 2/Episode 10: Do as I Do

  1. I have probably tried to change Denis’s habits more than he has tried to change mine. I think I’ve given up telling him to do something a certain way because that has never worked, but maybe if he notices something works for me, he emulates it. And I have probably emulated much of what he does.
    However, what more can a partner ask? Making a 21-day commitment to a new idea is more than fair, I think. It will be interesting to see if Jill changes. I have read many times that we would all be better off if we lived by sun, and I believe it. (But with so much good television out there, it’s not easy—for me, at least. Hahaha) Regardless of what time we go to bed, it’s so important to get enough sleep. Nothing interferes with my health as much as sleep deprivation. I’ve also talked to and read about creative people who do their best work in the middle of the night. So all Jill can do is give it a chance, and if it doesn’t work, Tony must accept her the way she is. Of course, we all know he will do just that. Smile.

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:

      We laughed about your saying you’ve probably tried to change Denis more than he has you. Jill is still trying to get up early for 21 days, and she has done it, but Tony will likely try to accept her the way she always was.

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