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Season 2/ Episode 25: Everyone Dislikes Something

In All Seriousness

The Problem with Going to the Grocery Store

In this week’s episode, Jill talked about the one thing she despises doing, even though it’s a necessity: going to the grocery store.

How do she and Tony handle that as a couple?

Tony told listeners that if they view a task as a chore, then invite your partner with you. In the end, you both may view it as an enjoyable outing.

Jill said you can choose to not go, but you can also try to make it fun for yourself.

The two have advice for the times one person in the relationship wants to do things the other would rather avoid:

  • Try it at least once. After that, you and your partner will both know whether it is likely you will do it again.
  • If you find the activity is important to your partner, go to show you are a supportive partner
  • Remember that compromising is key in any relationship

What have you done when your partner wanted you to participate in an activity that you had no desire to do whatsoever? Leave your answers in the comments section. We enjoy hearing from you.


2 comments on “Season 2/ Episode 25: Everyone Dislikes Something

  1. Mary Ellen Vogel says:

    Now that we’re retired, Denis and I almost always do the grocery shopping together. It’s a big day for us because we stock up. We go to Costco, Sam’s Club, Publix, Trader Joe’s, and Aldi. Then we reward ourselves with lunch out. That’s how we make it fun!

    I love it that Denis does this with me because he gets me in and out. When alone, I study the flowers, plants and produce, and I can’t get past the greeting cards. I also dither over extras not on my list and might have a cup of coffee. Maybe a girl thing. To do what we do together would mean I wouldn’t get home until midnight—heck, I’d probably have to get a hotel room. Still, occasionally it’s fun to go a couple of stores on my own. Of course this was before the virus.

    What I hate is an extra trip for one item. This is an errand Denis will always do cheerfully. He asks me if I want to come, and I never do. I only go if lunch is involved. However, there is no lunch out during these times. Still I think I’ll keep him company today for a curbside pickup at Walmart. We can talk and remark about all the people without masks.

    I think Tony wants Jill in the cart so she is with him, but can’t slow him down. Denis says if he steers the cart down the center of the wide aisles, Jill would not even be able to grab things from the shelves. Very tricky!

    We do have to be careful in grocery stores. I’ve been injured by out-of-control shoppers despite being so tall and therefore visible. I guess we should never wear sandals—we should always boot up.

    Tony’s experience with the con-lady in Texas is the basis for a book or short story at the least.

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:

      We always love your comments, Mary. You have some great ideas about how to make grocery shopping fun. We laughed out loud and hard when we read why you think Tony really wants to put me in a cart. Hahahaha! Denis’ comment about positioning me so that I cannot grab anything is also hilarious. Hahahaha! Yes, boots are a good idea, too. If Covid ever ends, I will try all of these things. Thanks again for commenting. ❤️🤗

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