Month: September 2020

Season 2/ Episode 39: Are You Working Out These Days?

In All Seriousness

Just Keep Moving


In this week’s podcast episode, Jill and Tony decided to be silly and debate whether there is a difference between exercising and working out.

Tony attempted to define the difference. Jill still did not understand.

Do you? Are you getting any exercise these days or do you just talk about it?

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Season 2/Episode 38: When You’re Surrounded by People, but Still Feel Lonely

In All Seriousness

We Need Each Other

In this week’s podcast episode, Tony and Jill discussed the horrible feeling of loneliness and how to break through it.

Jill admitted that she likes being by herself, but she still encouraged listeners to understand that humans were not meant to be alone all of the time.

Tony told listeners that they have a responsibility to have people in their life.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments section.

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Season 2/ Episode 37: Unconventional Relationships

In All Seriousness

Define Your Own Relationships

In this week’s podcast episode, Jill and Tony discussed why unconventional relationships work for some.

Jill told listeners to avoid feeling that they have to do what everybody else does. If unconventional relationships work for you, disregard what others say about it. Your business is your business.

Tony agreed and said that none of us should judge others.

Do you agree? What are you willing to do to make your own relationship work? Tell us in the comments section.

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Season 2/Episode 36: Holidays with Loved Ones

In this week’s episode, Jill and Tony discuss what can happen when you get together with your family and friends or your partner’s family on a holiday.

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