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Season 2/ Episode 40: A Covid-19 Update

In All Seriousness

Take Your (and My) Health Seriously

In this week’s podcast episode, Tony and Jill discussed the possibility that Tony may have Covid-19.

Of course, both hope he is healthy, but Jill believes the odds are against him.

Jill urged him to get tested, and she encouraged listeners to do the same if they also suspect they have developed the horrible condition. They want everyone to be safe, of course.

They also talked about how numerous people are behaving like Covid-19 does not exist. Has that been your experience when you’ve ventured outside of your house?

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2 comments on “Season 2/ Episode 40: A Covid-19 Update

  1. Mary Ellen Vogel says:

    I have read that people who don’t get seriously ill from covid may have just one symptom and may not have a fever. It sounds as though Tony has two symptoms–tiredness and sore throat and that the low energy remains but the sore throat is gone. If Tony has it, Jill, I think you may already have it. People may never have symptoms and still be carriers or be asymptomatic for a while before getting sick. I think you both need tests as soon as possible.

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Mary. I must convince Tony.

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