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Season 3/ Episode 4: The Problems with Vow Renewal Ceremonies

In All Seriousness

Vows Do Not Expire

In this week’s podcast episode, Jill and Tony debate whether they should renew their vows and what the ceremony would be like if they did.

When you listen, you’ll see clearly that they are not on the same page, which is quite unlike how it was when they got married nearly 15 years ago.

What Do You Think?

What is your advice for them? Have you ever thought about renewing your vows or do you know someone who did? Please leave your response in the Comments section below or call 404-594-2247 and leave a voicemail message.



3 comments on “Season 3/ Episode 4: The Problems with Vow Renewal Ceremonies

  1. Mary Ellen Vogel says:

    Hi Jill and Tony—Time for my weekly check in. If a couple does renew their vows, I do firmly believe they must agree on the way they will do it, or if they’ll do it. Denis, a real romantic, wanted to reaffirm our vows, but I’m too self conscious for those things. I wouldn’t mind a fiftieth anniversary celebration—however the problem for us is that so many of our life long friends are scattered over the country. Some even live in other countries. While we do have friends, the both of you, in Georgia we would love to celebrate with, it would seem a little weird without the people who were at our wedding. By the way our wedding was a total of eighteen people, and my mother indicated she thought we were making too big of a deal about it. Denis and I took care of everything except the bill for dinner and flowers, a total of $275.00. That was our wedding present. She even indicated that I was a bridezilla although we didn’t have a word for it then. However it did not mar our joy—we beamed that day, and I consider it the most exciting day of my life. My mother got married during WWII by a justice of the peace and her sister had a very small wedding three years before, just the parents , my mother, and two friends. When my mother’s grandson was planning a huge extravaganza, as people do now, she was not supportive. So that’s where I came from, which could explain my resistance to a second wedding.

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:

      We always love your weekly check ins. Thank you for that! Your comment had many fascinating and intriguing details, especially ones about your mother’s views about what constituted “making too big of a deal” about a wedding ceremony. Some expressed our wedding with 40 guests was too simple. Lol! Frankly, I would’ve been happy with eloping, but Tony knew my mother and grandmother would have blamed him for the rest of their lives for letting me do that without them there. So, the wedding of 40 guests was my compromise. Now I am convinced that my mother likes Tony better than me, but that’s a whole different story and episode. Lol! Thanks again for commenting. We always appreciate reading what you have to say.

      1. Mary Ellen Vogel says:

        So many parallels! My mother grew to appreciate Denis a lot, as well, and yes, many times she like him better than me. A whole other subject. Hahaha

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