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Season 3/ Episode 13: When You Need to End Friendships


In All Seriousness

Sometimes You Have to Let People Go

In this week’s podcast episode, Jill and Tony discussed the times when they haven’t liked each other’s friends.

Did that strain their relationships? You’ll have to listen to find out.

We Want to Hear from You

In the meantime, we want to hear from you. Have your friends and partners interacted well? If your partner didn’t like your friend, what did you do?

You can leave your response in the Comments section or leave us a voicemail message by calling 404-594-2247.

We hope to hear from you soon.


9 comments on “Season 3/ Episode 13: When You Need to End Friendships

  1. Mary Ellen Vogel says:

    It is not surprising that Denis posed this question. We have ended friendships and been ghosted by others. Denis met a woman through work, and I sensed from the beginning that she and I had issues. She’s very competitive and can be a bully. If I brought up problems, Denis would talk me out of it, probably because he really liked her husband—he even called the guy his best friend. It’s kind of funny because the whole thing might have ended when we moved, but I kept the friendship going. Denis had some problems with her before we left, but it never occurred to me he would just let the friendship die a natural death. Looking back, I think he might have, although I’m also thinking the guy would have contacted Denis eventually.

    We kept in touch, but more and more issues came up. Finally I felt she had pushed me too far and I blew up. The funny thing about that was that I turned out to be totally wrong. Well, I decided that what made me blow up was an accumulation of issues and not being able to trust her. I wrote a long letter detailing this as truthfully and accurately as I could and ending our friendship. She never approached me about it but did reach out to Denis, albeit a weak attempt. By that time he was onboard with me and ignored her. It’s been ten years, and we haven’t heard from her. I Oh, except when her husband died. She had a mutual friend call to tell Denis. He thanked the mutual friend but that was all. Denis was saddened by his death, but the man had fully supported his wife against me—as he should. I only mention this because she is pushy

    A couple of years ago we were ghosted by another couple. Again he was mainly a friend of Denis’s. I did feel that he was a fair weather friend but enjoyed our time with them so didn’t worry much. I am not surprised by what happened. However, even though we can guess their/his reasons and feel relatively confident we’re right, I, probably more than Denis, would like to hear the why from their/his lips. It’s just who I am.

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:

      Thanks for sharing, Mary. Wow! You two have been through a lot with others, especially the first woman you mentioned. I often find it sad when others push agendas onto others, thinking no one will ever notice. I am glad we are all friends. I am certain none of us will ghost each other because we are all real friends.

  2. Mary Ellen Vogel says:

    Yes, I know we have respect for one another.

    Not like this woman who would say/do outrageous things to me, and because no one called her on it, she thought she was within her rights or something. In the beginning her husband did call her on a some of it, but he was a gentle soul, and he loved her. She never caught on. I blame myself for not taking a bigger stand against her from the beginning, but I never trusted myself when I was young. She is twelve years old than I. I was easy prey back then.

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:

      I am sorry you had to go through that, but you should not blame yourself. People like her who target others look for the gentle souls. Shame on her! Tony and I do believe that people are in our lives for a season sometimes, but the reason is for us to learn something. Sounds like you learned what you will and won’t tolerate, and that’s a good thing.

  3. Mary Ellen Vogel says:

    Yes–I totally agree.

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:


  4. coyote says:

    “Watch out for the energy vampires.” Sometimes you just have to let people go.

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:

      Yes, we agree!

  5. Mary Ellen Vogel says:

    Well said, coyote.

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