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Season 3/ Episode 18: Vacations with Others


In all Seriousness

Know the Person You’re With

In this week’s podcast episode, Tony and Jill discuss what makes a vacation great when you vacation with your partner.

The two of them typically have a wonderful time together, but they have observed plenty of couples who didn’t.

What about You?

What makes a vacation great for you? Have you ever vacationed with someone who ruined your good time? Let us know your responses. You can either put a comment below or leave us a voicemail after calling 404-594-2247.


4 comments on “Season 3/ Episode 18: Vacations with Others

  1. Mary Ellen Vogel says:

    Wow—I’ve got to tell you that as many times as we’ve seen Senior Fog’s in various ports—always in the Caribbean, I think—we have never gone in. Shots at the end of a conga line! Hahahaha! And the woman who, well, you know who I mean.

    On vacation, just like at home, we have to allow our partners to make different choices, sleeping in, solitary walks on the beach, and in Denis’s and my case, maybe doing separate land tours from the ship. Sometimes I like to take tour while he might prefer to relax aboard without the crowds. Usually we like the same things but every now and again we have to go our separate ways. It works. We even vacation separately every once in a while but not often.

    I wonder what happened with the honeymoon couple who got to know each other better while on vacation. Hahaha Well, maybe that’s not funny. I went on vacations with girlfriends before I was married, but never have experienced a ruined trip. I guess I always knew who I traveling with, and I think we always respected one another choices.

    I do remember a Windjammer cruise with two girlfriends who chastised me a little because they just didn’t like the trip as much as I did. For me it was a dream come true. I used to watch Adventures in Paradise as a kid. It was about a handsome charter sailboat captain in the South Pacific. The captain, Gardner Mackay was a terrible actor but so handsome. My parents couldn’t stand his awful acting so I had to watch it on a black and white TV that had been replaced by a color set. No matter, I loved the adventure. I have always loved to travel. My two friends pretty much stayed home after the Windjammer.

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:

      Senor Frog’s is a great place to people watch, so maybe take a peek the next time you see one.

      I would’ve loved a Windjammer cruise, too!

      Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. ❤️

      1. Mary Ellen Vogel says:

        Will do. Denis still has to listen to this episode. I’m sure it will pique his interest in Senor Frog’s. And knowing your experience we shouldn’t fall into something–shall we say–uncomfortable. Haha But, I wonder, would seniors go into Senor Frog’s, which I now realize I’ve been spelling wrong. Lol

      2. @jillccwrites2 says:

        Hahaha! Let us know what Denis thinks once he hears it.

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