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Season 3/ Episode 24: Time to Purge

In All Seriousness

Do You Really Need That?

In this week’s podcast episode, Jill and Tony discuss the need to rid themselves of a lot in their household.

They now have plans to go through each room in their house to see what they can give or throw away.

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2 comments on “Season 3/ Episode 24: Time to Purge

  1. Mary Ellen Vogel says:

    Purging seems the subject du jour these covid and post covid days. Yes, we death cleaned and are still death cleaning. My advice is to keep those things you’re on the fence about unless you don’t have the space. Decisions on stuff can be ongoing, again if you have the space. I know some who have regretted disposing things, things that maybe their grand children came to want. I believe we should organize what we keep, like maybe putting clothes in another closet. Then if you find you don’t miss them, take the final step.

    Tools can be so handy. When I was taking a 3D art class, we needed various tools like wire cutters and other things I can’t remember at the moment. My instructor marveled that Denis supplied me with so much from his stash. While others had a pair of wire cutters, I had a whole set that made cutting different thicknesses easy. They were things he had bought on sale at great prices and just kept in reserve. It was great.

    The best advice is as Tony says quit buying stuff and as Jill says think hard about what you do buy. Jane Fonda says she has two closets full of clothes and at 80 years old she not buying anymore. I like to go shopping in my closet and put different pieces together for a new look. And I’m pretty much with Marie Kondo—if it doesn’t spark joy out it goes.

    Denis and I have the stuff! When I think about my parents household, I’m amazed at how almost minimalist it was compared to ours even now after death cleaning. Still were lighter than we were and are still working on it. At least now the stuff is organized. If we downsized we could get rid of stuff in new York minute, I think.

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:

      We always enjoy reading your comments, Mary. Thank you for taking the time to offer some sound advice, too. We can all do as you advise. Thanks again!

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