Month: August 2022


Season 5/ Ep. 23- The Power of Love

In this week’s show, Jill and Tony welcome Sophie Lawson and Aaron Atkinson, the creators, writers, and producers of Love Power, to talk about the power of love in all its iterations.




Season 5/ Ep. 22 – Jill Interviews Tony: Poetic People Fighting Racism

In this week’s show, Jill interviews Tony, something they both said they’d never do. But Jill couldn’t resist asking questions about Tony’s new show, Poetic People Facing Racism.


Season 5/ Ep. 21: A Conversation with Danielle P. Jeter, PR/Marketing Extraordinare

In this week’s show, Jill and Tony have one of their favorite conversations ever with the dynamic and phenomenal Danielle P. Jeter, who shared numerous gems about branding, marketing, and PR, especially for creative types and people of color. She also discussed the importance of balancing one’s personal life with their professional one.


Season 5/ Ep. 20: Do You Need To Raise Your Standards?


In this week’s episode, Jill and Tony talk to their live audience about raising and lowering standards.



Season 5/ Ep. 19: Let’s Learn from Each Other


In this week’s show, Tony and Jill discuss what they’ve learned from each other, from previous relationships. and from others.

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