Month: September 2022


Season 5/ Ep. 27 – Household Chores

To get to the bottom of why chores continue to create friction in even the strongest couples, hosts Jill Cox-Cordova and Anthony Cordova will reveal how they personally determine who does what in their home.


Season 5/ Ep. 26 – Know When to Stop Talking

After last week’s episode, Tony learned a valuable lesson: know when to shut up. Join Jill and Tony live when they discuss how this became a talking point. Be a part of the next show by signing up at


Season 5/ Ep. 25 Car Conversations

In this week’s episode, Jill and Tony talk about the wacky things that Tony says and does when he’s driving with passengers.


Season 5/ Ep. 24 – When You Need a Break from Obligations

In this week’s episode, Jill finally decides to take a break from some of her obligations, much to Tony’s dismay.

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