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Season 2/Episode 8: Social Media vs. Socializing in Person

In All Seriousness

Can we Just Talk?

In this week’s episode, Jill and Tony express their thoughts about social media and socializing in person. Are either solely good for starting relationships?

Both can see the benefits and power of both, but they believe the best relationships are not built on social media alone.

Tony told listeners to watch for his new social media presence because they will feature many helpful tips.

Jill advised listeners, who may avoid socializing at all, to be the change they want to see on social media platforms and in person.

They both have other suggestions that applies to connections via social media platforms and in person.

  •  Do not pretend to be someone you’re not.
  •  Don’t let differences escalate into a full-fledged argument. Be respectful.
  •  Build a community of support. That often starts with finding people with your same interests.

What are your views about connecting online vs. in person? Let us know in the comments section.

We’d also love to hear what you’ve been doing differently this year.

2 comments on “Season 2/Episode 8: Social Media vs. Socializing in Person

  1. Mary Ellen Vogel says:

    Wow—social media, a completely different world from when I dated. I have heard about online predators scams but did not know the term “cat fished.” So you have brought me into the pop culture world once again. Hahaha, a good thing.

    I confess I have dismissed social media as a way to get out there, but after the podcast, I can see advantages, especially if people follow your advice to be themselves, to take further steps to get to know whom they are talking to, and to be an example to others. Very eye-opening.

    What are we doing differently this year? Well, drum roll please . . . staying home more. We have cancelled our trip out west because of the coronavirus. It is different for us to scare easily, but with Denis’s respiratory problems, we’re becoming averse to taking chances. No matter how careful we are, we always lose sleep when we travel, and we don’t want to risk a quarantine away from home. So we’re doing more around the house and working on our individual projects. Maybe not the type exciting change to inspire people, but it is a change.

    Denis just showed me his updated social media photo. It looks troublingly like a young, shirtless Burt Reynolds. He says it’s just good light, but I don’t know . . . .

    1. @jillccwrites2 says:

      Wow! Your comment is packed with many gems.

      Glad we could educate you on the term “catfish.” If you ever get to watch the TV show with the same name, you would be amazed. It’s sad, too.

      Thank you for telling us what you are doing differently this year. That’s a big change for you all, but we are glad you are taking measures to stay safe.

      Too funny about Denis’ uh…well- lit photo. Lol! It reminds us of the time we posted a profile of Jill’s mother to help her find a companion. She didn’t know we did it, but that’s not the point. We took it down when a man who called himself Snickity Snackity started sending her messages. Imagine his profile pic.Lol!

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